Benefits of Lime

Soil Acidity

The importance for regular liming applications is often understated. The soil is a vital resource to the farmer and soil management is crucial it is therefore crucial in both the short and long term. If the soil acidity increases (pH below 7), it will eventually lead to a considerable reduction in fertility and consequently crop performance.

Unless regular steps are taken to redress the pH by applying lime, there will be a natural reduction in calcium status and fertility. Calcium loss and increased acidity often occurs as a result of – fertilising, cropping, leaching etc.

The overuse of fertiliser has become a massive threat to Australia’s agricultural land. Acidity caused by nitrogen fertilisers is now threatening productivity on a quarter of Australia’s farming land. Unlike salinity, acidity can be reversed by the use of good farm management and the use of lime.

Further Benefits

  • Increase calcium levels and deficiencies
  • Improve fertiliser efficiency

  • Reduces aluminium & other metal toxicities

  • Nutrient availability and balance (unlocking)

  • Accelerate micro-biological activity

  • Increase release of nutrient elements and organic matter from soil

Independent research completed by the Department of Primary Industries has shown yield increases in Wheat, Canola and Oats of up to 115% with continued use of Agricultural Lime.